Software Subscriptions are 1 or 3 year Windows Server and SQL Server subscriptions
for on-premises or cloud use that you can easily acquire, provision and manage,
offering your customers market-leading pricing and unmatched deployment flexibility.

Greater Flexibility: Deployment On-premises or in the Cloud

Customers who buy Server Subscriptions for Windows Server or SQL Server are entitled to the Azure Hybrid Benefit and thus may choose to use these licenses for Azure virtual machines or in on-premises deployments. If they use them for an on-premises deployment, the usual licensing rules for these products apply, as detailed in the Product Terms.

Customers are additionally granted rights equivalent to a subset of the rights provided to SA customers

Start selling Microsoft Software Subscriptions to grow your revenue
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Talk today to your customers who:

  • Run predictable, full-time Windows Server or SQL Server workloads On-premises or in the cloud
  • Looking for the best possible price to license these server products
  • Do not have existing licenses with active Software Assurance

Remember that for cloud workloads
your customer will enjoy the best possible savings
when you sell Software Subscriptions and Azure Reserved Instances together!